All our Tours are developed based on practicing the principles of Eco-tourism i.e. contribution to the environment, cultural heritage and community benefits. Should it suit your interest they can be arranged from a single person to a preferred group size. Duration too can be increased or decreased to suit your time. 

Recommended Tours

Let us know your interest and we will send you a tailor made itinerary. Email us at for more information.

Cultural and Natural History Tours

Feel the sense of place witnessing ancient local festivals and exploring Bhutan’s rich heritage with tours duration ranging from 6-18 days.


Gross National Happiness and Spiritual Tours

Experience spirituality amidst monks, ancient murals, Gods and Goddesses.

Conservation and National Parks Tours

Explore Bhutan’s Parks harboring many unique
species of flora and fauna.


Botanical & Rhododendron Tours

Explore the richness in floral diversity with local naturalist.

Bush Walking and Day Hiking Tours

Reduce your carbon footprint by exploring the country by
taking day hikes and immersing oneself in the refreshing landscape


Rural Farm Tours

A feel of medieval times. Experience the warmth and joy of living with simple families.


Study Tours

There is so much to learn from Bhutan. For student groups
and professionals with field work and lectures.


Bird Watching Tours

Bhutan is a birding paradise with over 700 species of
Birds offering some of the best birding watching experiences in Asia.