Trekking in Bhutan and Recommended Treks

“I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I–
I took the one less traveled 

And that has made all the difference”
…….Robert Frost


That difference is what trekking in Bhutan is all about – experiencing the trails less travelled. Trekking in Bhutan can offer the ultimate trekking experience. The trek routes in Bhutan are also trails that connect remote mountain villages and settlements thus further enriching the experience. The standard of the trails vary from Easy to very difficult levels. All your logistics are well arranged for the entire trek duration. Our trekking crew will ensure that your comfort is not compromised. We will arrange your sleeping/toilet tents and serve all meals similar to restaurant food along with pack ponies and porters to carry all your personal belongings and essentials. Leave everything to our team while you enjoy the tranquillity through alpine meadows, mountain passes, old growth forests, ancient hamlets, waterfalls, rivers/creeks, etc…..

There are several approved trekking routes (28 approximately) in the country ranging from a minimum altitude of 1,300 meters to a maximum of 5,000 meters and durations from a minimum of 2 camping nights to 25 camping nights. The treks described here are only a few presented as samples.


The best time for trekking is during spring (March, April, May) and fall (September, October, November). Although year round is good except for July and August due to the heavy monsoon rains.


All your basic essentials are provided during a trek which includes food, sleeping tents, sleeping mats, transportation. For hygienic purpose we recommend you to bring your own sleeping bag.

We suggest you bring your personal essentials like your day pack, water bottle, rain gear, weather proof wear, walking stick, walking boots and sunscreen cream.

Guide of Trekking routes (More details can be provided on inquiry)

While there are several trekking routes we have selected only the ones we recommend considering the challenges of trekking.

Treks recommended during the months of March, April, May, June, September, October, November.

Name of trek route. Entry and Exit (reversible) Standard Total camp nights Total distance (Kms) Average walking hours per day Altitude range (in meters) Attractions
Druk Path(Paro – Thimphu) Medium- easy 4 (or 5) 48 5 2200 – 4200m Scenes of mountains and alpine landscape. Lakes, Old growth forest, flowers and wilderness.
Jhomlhari 1(Paro – Paro) Medium – hard 6 (+ 1) 88 7 2200 – 4900 Mountains, lakes, alpine landscape, flowers, wildlife, nomads. Snow-leopard country.
Jhomolhari 2(Paro – Thimphu) Medium- hard 7 (+2) 118 7 2200 – 4930 Mountains, lakes, alpine landscape, flowers, medicinal plants, wildlife, nomads, villages. Snow-leopard country.
Jhomolhari 3(Paro – Gasa) Medium –hard 10 (+2) 170 7 2200 – 5000 Mountains, lakes, alpine landscape, flowers, herds of wildlife, nomads, villages. Snow-leopard country.
Phobjikha Khotokha
(Phobjikha – Wangdue)
Medium- easy 2 35 5 2900 – 3450 Forests, Rhododendrons, monasteries, villages.
Merak Sakteng(Phogmey – Chaling) Medium 4 (+2) 7 1800-4300 Abode of the elusive Yeti. Unique culture of ethnic people. Alpine landscape. Pristine Rhodo and conifer forest.
Saga la(Paro – Haa) easy 1 (or 2) 15 2300-3720 Rural areas, wilderness, conifer forest.
Nub Tshona Patta(Haa) Medium – hard 5 (+1) 7 2500 – 4237 Lake, pasture land, old forests, wilderness.


Treks recommended during the winter months of November, December, Jan, Feb, March, April

Name of trek route. Entry and Exit (reversible) Grade Total camp nights Total distance (in kms) Average walking hours per day Altitude range (in meters) Attractions
Nabji /Korphu(Trongsa – Trongsa) Easy 4 51 5 1100 – 1500 National Park. Village and communities of first inhabitants of Bhutan, age old traditions, ancient temple, low altitude plants, Hornbills, Golden langurs.
Gomphu -Manas(Zhemgang – Manas) Easy 4 5 640 – 100 National Park. Villages, low altitude plants and forests, birds – hornbills, wildlife – golden langurs, tigers etc… boating, elephant rides.
SamtengangPunakha – Wangdue) Easy 3 54 5 1200 – 1500 Villages, chir pine forest, signs of wildlife and tiger presence.


If you love the outdoors but not keen to spend nights in tents there are several day hikes that will suit your interest.