Conservation and National Parks Tours

The vast spans of natural forest covering over 72% of the total land area makes Bhutan a haven for nature lovers. Environmental conservation is accorded high priority and is also one of the 4 pillars to uphold the development vision of ‘Gross National Happiness’. Bhutan’s conservation commitment is commendable and this is demonstrated through the designation of over 51 % of the country under protected areas system comprising of 5 National Parks, 4 wildlife sanctuaries, 1 strict nature reserve and a series of biological corridors connecting the protected areas to form a landscape approach to conservation (refer to map under environment link). In addition to these areas there are several designated conservation sites to protect significant species and landscapes. The unique features of Bhutan’s conservation management are based on two main approaches. One, a landscape or holistic approach to conservation as opposed to management of protected areas in isolation and two, an integrated approach to conservation and development. There are several local communities who reside within these areas and accordingly a ‘people centred’ management approach is adopted.

There is so much to see, learn and experience from a tour to the National Parks and conservation areas. Trekking through pristine environment, human wildlife interactions, local stories, immersing oneself amongst living ancient cultures and traditions, reflections of people and nature living in harmony can all be experienced from these tours. Talks on botany and wildlife by leading nature conservation specialist and local people can be arranged.

Best Months: Year round except for July and August which are the monsoon months and could cause uncertain road conditions.

Duration: From a minimum of 7 days the duration can be arranged depending on the number of parks and conservation areas one wants to see.

Email for more information to tailor such a tour for you.