Botanical & Rhododendron Tours

Bhutan has been listed as one of the ten hot spots of biological diversity in the world. With over 70% of its total land area under forest cover; Bhutan is home to one-fifth of the world’s plant species and two-thirds of the most endangered species of plants and animals. The Bhutanese seasons are reflected in full color by flowers and plants, which cover the mountainside. The forest of Bhutan is a host to more than 5500 species of plants, over 300 species of orchids and 675 species of birds. There are 300 species of medicinal plants and over 600 species of orchids including another 50 species of rhododendron. You can see flowers and plants, but the central attraction of this package is a glimpse of how the Bhutanese society values and respects nature and lives in harmony with it based on the spiritual and religious beliefs. The forest from 1200m to 4800m elevation has an abundance of rhododendron species. During the months of April to July, the forests become enchanted with the brilliant display of blooming rhododendrons. Many species of rhododendron are found to exist in assemblages that vary according to changes in altitude, aspect and longitudinal east-west axis.

There are more than 1200 species of rhododendrons worldwide, with diverse forms, ranging from creeping shrubs to moderate sized trees. Flowering with shades of pink, red and yellow, rhododendrons occur in the temperate regions of the world with about 700 species in cultivation, most being Sino-Himalayan species. In Bhutan, of the 46 species recorded so far, four species have found to be endemic.

You can explore one of the world’s last unspoiled frontiers, on a tour ranging from 12 days to 3 weeks and be captivated by its natural beauty, mystical religion, vibrant culture, and charming people.

Best Months: Feb – June.

You will be accompanied by highly knowledgeable local guides with not only the scientific knowledge but also traditional knowledge on plants.

In order to enhance your experiences, talks on botany and wildlife by leading nature conservation specialist of the country too can be arranged.

Highly recommended for visitors with an interest for plants and botany. 

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