Welcome to Bhutan Gayul (place of Happiness) Tours

Hello! or as we say Kuzuzangpola (good health)!

Bhutan Gayul (Land of happiness) tours is a specialized travel company established on the principles of Sustainable and Responsible Tourism. Which means we ensure that our tours contribute to the protection of the natural environment, preservation of the cultural heritage, and offer benefits to the local host communities. Your participation is a key to this journey of sustainability. We are focused on showcasing Bhutan in its authenticity through our range of tours customized to suit your needs and interest. We conduct cultural tours, spiritual tours, trekking tours, study tours, rural farm tours, Conservation and National Parks tours, wildlife & botanical tours, birding tours and walking tours. Your travel also leaves behind a positive social impact by empowering us to take up initiatives to support the less privileged.  

Our dedicated and enthusiastic team is always there for you to provide you with quality and personalized services.

‘Come let us take you on a journey of discovery, soul searching and relaxation in this mystical place where happiness is more than just a dream’

Contact Details

Please do not hesitate to contact us at the following:

Ms. Karma Dema

Post Box 293
Thimphu: Bhutan
Mobile: 00-975-17859969                                                                                                                                Email: bhutangayul@gmail.com      

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Entry to Bhutan

The easiest way to get into Bhutan is by Air. There are two airlines. One – Druk Air, owned by the government. It’s flight sectors are – Bangkok (daily flights), Singapore, Kathmandu (Nepal), Dacca (BanglaDesh), and Indian cities of New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bodh Gaya, Bagdora (located 2 hours drive to Darjeeling) and Guwahati (Assam). For updated schedules and further further information please visit their website www.drukair.com.bt .The other airline called the Bhutan airlines is a private airline started from 2013. Their flight sectors are Bangkok via Kolkata (daily flights), Delhi and Katmandu. Visit their site for more details  http://bhutan-airline.com/

You can also enter Bhutan by road via India through the Indian states of either WestBengal or Assam.